Homelessness is not directly criminalized in Ireland. However, in Ireland the 1994 Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act makes it an offence to engage in offensive behavior, such as nighttime noise or other behavior that is likely to cause serious offence or serious annoyance to other people. It is also an offence to use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior with the intention of causing a “breach in the peace.” 

  • Public alcohol consumption: being intoxicated in public is a criminal offence in Ireland since 1994. it is also possible for police officers to confiscate alcohol from offenders. 


  • Begging: Begging is not generally incriminated, however aggressive begging is an offence. it is also an offence to organize or encourage begging. it is also a public offence to obstruct public passage. 


  • Squatting: it is an offence in ireland to enter a building with the intent of committing an offence, thus squatting is illegal onl when it can be proven that a squatter entered a residence with the intent to commit a crime or destroy property.