State of Housing Rights in Ireland

Ireland has no constitutional or legally established right to housing. However, Ireland has an established housing policy to guide government housing provision and programmes. In terms of the Council of Europe, Ireland ratified the Revised European Social Charter on 04/11/2000, accepting 92 of the 98 paragraphs of the Revised Charter, excluding the Article 31 on the right to housing. Ireland ratified the Additional Protocol providing... More


Dr Padraic Kenna National University of Ireland: Galway Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy Research (CHLRP) padraic.kenna(at) Dept. of Law, Room 502 (Floor 3) Tower 2, Arts/Science...



Homelessness is not directly criminalized in Ireland. However, in Ireland the 1994 Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act makes it an offence to engage in offensive behavior, such as nighttime noise or...