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CESCR Ruling: eviction violated family’s human rights in Spain

Spain violated the right to housing of a family with young children, who were evicted from a rented room in a flat without being provided with alternative housing.
The independent experts, from the Geneva-based Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, issued their findings after considering a complaint by a couple, who were evicted from their Madrid home in 2013 with their children aged one and three.

Evicted rights in Spain: no room of one’s own

Koldo Casla 
Researcher on the right to housing, Amnesty International Spain.

This article was first published in OpenGlobalRights (Open Democracy)

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Report of the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing - Mission to Portugal

In December 2016 two United Nations human rights experts visited Portugal and expressed concern about the impact of the economic crisis and the austerity measures on the enjoyment of the rights to housing, water and sanitation in this country.
At the end of a joint official visit to the country, UN Special Rapporteurs, Léo Heller and Leilani Farha, warned about the situation of people in vulnerable situations, including the “new poor”- those who have been pushed into poverty as a result of the austerity measures.

Homeless Bill of Rights

The criminalisation of homelessness is growing in Europe. The banning of begging, the ‘cleansing’ of public spaces or the installation of ‘defensive’ street furniture are just some of the practices being increasingly used to restrict and deny the basic rights of some of society’s most vulnerable citizens.


Keeping People in Their Homes Bill 2017 Introduced in Ireland


On February 23, 2017, the so-called Keeping People in Their Homes Bill 2017 was introduced in the Dáil Éireann, the Assembly of Ireland. On the basis of EU law, the bill would allow Irish judges or County Registrars to carry out a proportionality assessment in home repossession and eviction cases.

This means courts could consider the fundamental human rights of borrowers facing homelessness and opt for alternative arrangements that are less onerous than home loss.


The Right to Rent Scheme: Landlords as Immigration Officers

Adrian Berry

Barrister at Garden Court Chambers

A shorter version of this article was first published for Legal Action magazine in the UK; thereafter expanded for his blog, Cosmopolis: Migration, Citizenship, and Free Movement