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Concluding observations on the sixth periodic report of Poland
The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights considered the sixth periodic report of Poland (E/C.12/POL/6) at its 55th and 56th meetings (E/C.12/2016/SR.55 and 56), held on 21 and 22 September 2016, and adopted the present concluding observations at its 78th meeting, held on 7 October 2016.

You can find important recommendations in relation to homelessness in different areas:


Social security

Roma migrants, including those from European Union countries, and homeless persons encountr difficulties in gaining access to assistance due to the fact that they do not have the required documents (art. 9).

28. The Committee recommends that the State party:

(a)     Adopt measures towards the unification of the pension system, and standardized rules and regulations;

(b)    Guarantee coverage and appropriate benefits for all workers and non-contributory benefits for all disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and families so that they may enjoy an adequate standard of living;

(c)     Calculate social assistance benefits on the basis of an accurate poverty assessment;

(d)    Address the practical difficulties faced by disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups in seeking and receiving assistance.


36. The Committee is concerned about the significant housing shortage, including the lack of social housing, affordable housing and emergency shelters in the country. The Committee is also concerned about: (a) the shortage of vacant municipal premises and lack of funding for the construction of new houses; (b) the significant proportion of the population living in overcrowded apartments; (c) the waiting list for social housing, which can extend to seven years; and (d) evicted persons who are not offered alternative accommodation but are relocated to shelters for the homeless (art. 11).

37. The Committee recommends that the State party step up its efforts to:

(a)     Prioritize housing policy, address the housing shortage, improve the quality of housing and take all measures necessary to provide affordable housing units and social housing units, especially for disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups;

(b)    Facilitate access to social housing for Roma, encourage legal security of tenure for those living in informal settlements, and improve living conditions therein by ensuring access to basic services, in genuine consultation with the affected communities and individuals concerned;

(c)     Take effective measures to end segregation of Roma communities and prevent acts of discrimination against those who wish to buy or rent housing outside their segregated settlements;

(d)    Consult with affected communities and individuals throughout eviction procedures, afford due process guarantees and provide those affected with alternative accommodation or compensation enabling them to acquire adequate accommodation.

You can read here all the recommendations. 
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