The Netherlands

State of Housing Rights in The Netherlands

The Right to housing is guaranteed by the Dutch Constitution. According to Art. 22§2, it shall be the concern of the authorities to provide sufficient living accommodation. Some aspects of the right to housing are also legally regulated. In terms of the Council of Europe, The Netherlands ratified the Revised European Social Charter on 03/05/2006, accepting 97 of its 98 paragraphs, including the Article 31 on the right to housing. It... More

Strategic Litigation

  COLLECTIVE COMPLAINT FEANTSA v. the NETHERLANDS   FEANTSA successfully filed a collective complaint before the European Committee of Social Rights against the Netherlands in 2011, which sought to...



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The Dutch criminal code does not directly criminalize homelessness.  However, certain of its laws can indirectly affect homeless people. These include:   Squatting: Dutch law makes it an offence to...