Reclaiming the Right to Housing

Juan Carlos Benito Sánchez
PhD Fellow at University of Louvain (Belgium), Visiting Researcher at UCL (UK)
Twitter: @jcbensan



Bagdonavicius and Others v. Russia (Application No.19841/06) [11.10. 2016]

Date of the decision: 11 October 2016 (Final 06.03.2017)
Jurisdiction: Council of Europe – European Court of Human Rights
Country: Russia
Subject: Violation of Article 8 - Right to respect for private and family life (Article 8-1 - Respect for family life Respect for home Respect for private life) 
Legal basis: 

V.M. and Others v. Belgium (Application 60125/11) [7.07.2015 ]

Date of the decision: 7 July 2015 / 17 November 2016

Jurisdiction: Council of Europe- European Court of Human Rights
Country: Belgium

Subject: Violation of Article 3 of the Convention relating to the prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment


Judgment of 21 December 2016, Gutiérrez Naranjo, C-154/15

Date of the ruling : 21 December 2016
Legal basis:  These requests for a preliminary ruling concern the interpretation of, in particular, Article 6 and 7 of Council Directive 93/13/EEC of 5 April 1993 on unfair terms in consumer contracts (OJ 1993 L 95, p. 29).

Bukovčanová and Others v. Slovakia (Application no. 23785/07) [05.07.2016]

Date of the decision: 5 July 2016. Final judgement 05 October 2016


Jurisdiction: Council of Europe – European Court of Human Rights


Country: Slovakia



Housing-related Binding Obligations on States


Case C-537/12 Banco Popular Español

Date of the ruling : 
Order of 14 November 2013
Legal basis: