Diagnosis of the residential model and proposals for another housing policy.

The FOESSA Foundation-Caritas Spain , in collaboration with sociologists, architects, economists and lawyers, has tried to carry out this research several years, a profound legal, social and economic analysis of the causes of the situation of emergency housing in Spain, as well as proposals that could put the housing as a human right and not as much as the good economic investment that has until now caused as a result it has more than three million empty housing, 500,000 families evicted in Spain  and more than 35,000 people living in severe homelessness.

Legal reforms in recent years have only been superficial and today continue to take place a week dozens of evictions. Housing remains a market commodity, now in "peak times" and governments do not quite cope with this situation from access to human rights of all people.

Social organizations and affected ("la PAH"  and specially Stop Evictions) are still fighting for there to be a change of residential model in the Spanish State.


Sonia Olea Ferreras

HREG´s member and coauthor of the book.

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FOESSA Foundation-Caritas Spain
Year of publication: 
2 015
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