On November 19th 2015, the report "An Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe 2015" was released by Fondation Abbé Pierre and FEANTSA.


Chapter 3 of this report focuses on European Union legislation relating to housing and interpretation of recent case-law related to housing in the ECJ.


"Although housing is not a compentence of the European Union, it is increasingly affected by Europe-wide laws. The following non-exhaustive list summarises the regulatory framework impacting on Europeans' housing conditions. The standards described here are grouped into four categories [protection of individuals, housing as a commodity, construction and technical services associated with housing, European public support for the housing sector] representing the policy lines around which the European project has been built. The aim is to clarify the principles underpinning the referred-to texts, forming the cornerstones of political battles required to steer the regulatory framework towards a socially just Europe."


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Fondation Abbé Pierre / FEANTSA
Year of publication: 
2 015
Consumer protection
EU Housing Rights
Free Movement
Right to housing
Jurisdiction & Article: 
Court of Justice of the European Union
Council of Europe - European Court of Human Rights